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The center of the house is a 3-bay Federal style dwelling constructed in 1826 by blacksmith Isaac Fancher. Around 1920 a large east wing was added, the front porch removed, the front door relocated to the side and the house was completely reworked in Colonial Revival style.

In 2016 Kevin Quinlan Architecture was commissioned to completely rework the exterior once again.  The front door and a long wrap-around porch was re-designed, windows and elliptical roof dormers and antique-reproduction heart-motif shutters were added, and the scale and proportions of the facades were refined.

A new family room addition was designed to replace a dilapidated carriage house.  Gardens were refreshed and expanded and a new pool and patios were constructed.  The restrained and historically-appropriate design, a signature of Kevin Quinlan Architecture, reinforces the original home's Federal Style.

(Interior Design by Michael Smith)

(Shannon Quinlan Photography & John Gould Bessler)





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